We Will Travel Again. And when it’s time, 4 lucky winners will be ready to go!

What is WheelsUp!?

It’s an online travel raffle!

$110 buys a 1-in-100 chance to win $1,000 cash plus a fabulous destination – and we’re raffling off four fantastic options!

A Travel Raffle? Really?

A worldwide pandemic may have changed ‘life as we knew it’ but some things never change:

  • The homebound still need our help.
  • We are anxious to get away, to relax and enjoy, to travel somewhere, anywhere!

WheelsUp! will feature 4 fabulous destinations. For $110, you can provide a month of meals for someone in our community.

  • Another thing that will never change is your ability to make a difference with each ticket you purchase.

So, Where are we Going?

2021 featured destinations are: Turks & Caicos, Jackson Hole, Scotland, and Portugal!

How Can I Purchase a Ticket?

Visit WheelsUpLyh.org during the month of September for complete raffle details and to purchase your ticket

Please thank our amazing sponsors, who are making our WheelsUp! adventure a tremendous success! Please mention to them how much you appreciate their support of the homebound in our community.

Trailblazer Sponsors: