Lunch Program

Five days a week (and on most weekday holidays) we deliver a balanced, nutritious, lunch to our neighbors who struggle to prepare an appropriate meal for themselves.

Meals are delivered by volunteers – in their own vehicles and at their own expense. Meals can be delivered on an emergency-, short-, or long-term basis.

Our meals are prepared fresh daily, never frozen, and generally consists of an entree, vegetable, salad or fruit, bread, beverage, and often dessert. Menus are reviewed by a registered dietitian. Each meal is heart-healthy and diabetic friendly, and special dietary needs are met when possible.

The cost for meals is $5.45 per day, but we also offer a generous sliding scale. Currently, over 80% of the people we serve pay nothing at all toward the cost of their meal. Approximately 9% use the sliding scale, paying what they can afford to help offset the cost of the meal.

Criteria for Service

  • The recipient must be homebound, due to age, illness, or infirmity, and/or challenged to prevent securing and preparing appropriate meals
  • The recipient has no one in-home or available to help with preparing or obtaining appropriate meals
  • The recipient lives in our service area

Service Area Request Meals

Check our service area map, or call the office to see if we can serve you.

Other Services Available to Current Recipients

Supper Service – When medically indicated, a cold supper meal is delivered along with lunch, to be consumed for the evening meal.

Saturday Meals – When medically indicated, Saturday Meals are delivered to those on the most restrictive diets (i.e. renal diets), helping them maintain good health.

Nutritional supplements – Nutritional supplements (Ensure or similar products) are provided to individuals who meet specific needs/criteria, with a physician’s prescription.

Animeals – is a service available to current recipients because, during our regular home visits, we learned that some of our clients were sharing meals with their pets. They simply could not afford to purchase pet food. Research clearly supports the health benefits to seniors and the homebound from having a companion animal. We did not want our meal recipients to have to make a decision between feeding themselves and feeding their precious pets. The ANIMEALS program was developed in response to this need. We solicit donations of pet food from individuals in the community, supported by and collected at the local veterinary clinics and animal hospitals. No monetary donations are accepted for this program. Pets of meal recipients are provided with a monthly supplemental delivery of food through these donations.

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