During our regular home visits, we learned that some of our clients were sharing meals with their pets because they simply could not afford to purchase pet food. Research clearly supports the health benefits to seniors from having a companion animal. We did not want our meal recipients to have to make a decision between feeding themselves and feeding their precious pets.

The ANIMEALS program was developed in response to this need.

Through Animeals of Meals on Wheels, we solicit donations of pet food from individuals in the community, supported by and collected at the local veterinary clinics and animal hospitals. No monetary donations are accepted for this program. Pets of meal recipients are provided with a monthly supplemental delivery of food through these donations.

Donations of food can be dropped off at the following locations:

Addison Animal Hospital
1818 Memorial Avenue

Animal Emergency & Critical Care
3432 Odd Fellows Road

Animal Hospital of Lynchburg
1705 Memorial Avenue

Boonsboro Animal Hospital
6097 Wiggington Road

Diamond Hill Animal Hospital
1400 Main Street

Gentle Care Animal Hospital
1365 Thomas Jefferson Road, Forest

Lake Forest Animal Hospital
18510 Forest Road, Forest

Peaksview Animal Hospital
802 Wiggington Road

Ridgewood Animal Hospital
Route 221 & Perrowville Road

Rustburg Veterinary Clinic
1334 Calohan Rd, Rustburg

Seven Hills Animal Hospital
3431 Waterlick Road

Meals on Wheels Office
605 Clay Street

If you are interested in donating pet food or volunteering specifically with this program, please call the Meals on Wheels office at 847-0796