'Look for the Helpers'

This quote from Fred Rogers has been circulated widely these last few weeks, as the global pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives. Meals on Wheels is blessed with the very best volunteers anywhere, but the reality is that many of them fall into a high-risk category themselves, and need to self-isolate for their own protection.

Enter some amazing new Delivery Partners - businesses who have offered their employees, on company time, some in company cars, to help us continue to serve without missing a beat. We are so grateful, and hope you will share your appreciation with them as well!








Volunteers come to us from various souces. Some of our best partnerships are those we have formed with local businesses and organizations that share our desire to serve. They recognize how easy it is to coordinate teams, give a litte time every week or two, and brighten the lives of others in the process.

Please join us in thanking the leadership and employees of these supporting companies.