Now Serving in Campbell County!

MOW has been operating in the Greater Lynchburg area for 45 years, delivering to the home, Monday – Friday.

Since 1974, our focus has been the city of Lynchburg, and just slightly into the surrounding counties; restricted largely by food safety concerns, (time & temperature).

Up until now, when we receive requests from someone outside our service area, we refer them to other agencies that have a home meal delivery program.  However, those agencies can only delivery to people over 60, since they are dependent on federal funding and guidelines.

  • Meals on Wheels of Greater Lynchburg is entirely local community supported.
  • Because we receive no government funding, we are at liberty to serve all ages, and all incomes.

Effective November 2019, Meals on Wheels of Greater Lynchburg will begin operating a remote pickup site in the village of Rustburg. Routes will origniate at 684 Village Highway (on Main Street), and we will be able to bridge the gaps in service to the homebound.

We are ready to receive referrals for service, AND we welcome those who would like to volunteer to deliver!  It only takes about 90 minutes to deliver a route!