We are serving together, Generating Solutions that Matter!

In ‘normal’ times, the people we serve are already part of an extremely vulnerable population.  Now, in the midst of this Coronavirus pandemic, they are even more at risk.

It’s wonderful that stores are offering early hours for seniors only – we applaud that! – but if you are already a homebound senior, you cannot get out to avail yourself of that opportunity. The difference with this campaign is that our volunteers will deliver.

We are collaborating to ask for your help to ‘generate solutions that matter.’  We are:

  • Collecting essentials – paper products, cleaners & disinfectants, non-perishable canned goods
  • Requesting financial support – for LOA and MOW
  • Recruiting Volunteers – for LOA and MOW

Generation Solutions is coordinating this effort across the areas they serve – the Roanoke Valley, and the Greater Lynchburg area. We are seeking help from individuals, and also from businesses – if your business is looking for a way to support the community during this time of need, please consider joining us in ‘generating solutions that matter!’

LOA and Meals on Wheels will distribute products to those in greatest need.

None of us knows how long this will last – the need may be on-going – but initially we are planning a 3 week campaign – thru April 24

Both Meals on Wheels in Lynchburg and LOA in Roanoke will have collection boxes at their offices. Essentials can be dropped off between 9 – 3 weekdays. We will have containers for drop-off, to minimize or eliminate personal contact.  We will need to sanitize everything prior to distribution!

In ROA: 4932 Frontage Road, NW                                          In LYH:  605 Clay Street


  • Paper products – toilet paper, paper towels, masks, gloves
  • Cleaners & Disinfectants, sanitizers, wipes
  • Non-perishable canned food items


These times and changes are unprecedented, and un-budgeted! Please consider a financial donation if you can




Both Meals on Wheels in Lynchburg and LOA in Roanoke rely heavily on volunteers to serve the elderly homebound, and a significant number of our loyal volunteers are at a critical age or condition themselves, needing to isolate right now.

We are grateful for all those who have already stepped up to help, but we can still use more support!  Start the process by filling in the Volunteer Application online:



Lots of groups and organizations are collecting and asking for support. Our hope is that you will join in this collaboration and help us deliver solutions that matter!