Thanks to our amazing sponsors, who made this first WheelsUp! adventure a tremendous success! Please mention to them how much you appreciate their support of the homebound in our community.

Go to the WheelsUp site for more details, and to see who the lucky winners were of this year's WheelsUp! destinations.!

Look for photos of our lucky winneres as they redeem their prize and travel the world!

And, to the rest of you who purchased tickets, THANK YOU for investing in our community! You are definitely winners in our book. There's always next year... be on the lookout for new and exciting destinations for the next WheelsUp!

2020 Dates: March 1 - 31

The chances for everyone are excellent!



Travel Lovers News and Advance - In Kind Innovative Wireless Technologies - $2,500 Dayrich Enterprises - $2,500 Home Magazine - In Kind BB&T Scott & Stringfellow - $1,000 Bank of the James - $1,000 Blue Ridge Hearing Aids and Audiology Services - $1,000 Campbell Insurance - $1,000 Education & Research foundation - $1,000 Liberty University - $1,000 Moore & Giles - In Kind Aylor's Farm & Garden - $500 BAIRD Private Wealth Management - $500  CMG - Urology Center - $500 Davies & Davies - $500 Jamerson-Lewis - $500 Isabella’s - $500 Anthony and Company - $500