The Red Cross in London, England, originated the concept of Meals on Wheels after World War II. In the US, the concept began as early as 1954, spreading state by state, community by community. A Meals on Wheels service was incorporated in Lynchburg, Virginia in 1974.

The actual structure in each community is unique, although the basic mission remains the same: to deliver healthy meals to the homebound who are unable to afford or prepare meals for themselves. In larger, metropolitan areas, the Meals on Wheels organization may be combined under the umbrella of a central kitchen/area foodbank/emergency feeding program. In other areas the Meals on Wheels organization may be an integral part of the senior center. In still other localities, the organization might operate independently, but in cooperation and close collaboration with complimenting services.

In the greater Lynchburg area, Meals on Wheels is designed to assist the homebound community by providing a balanced, nutritious, hot lunch five days each week.

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In Lynchburg, we operate independently of other organizations, but we have a clear understanding of the value of collaborating with our partner services and reducing duplication of service wherever possible. We constantly strive to streamline processes for our staff and for our recipients while maintaining proper documentation and accountability.

Because we do not accept any state or federal funding, we are not bound by much of the bureaucracy that accompanies those monies. If they meet our other criteria, we serve any adult, regardless of age or income for either an extended or short period of time. This program serves people who need prepared meals due to permanent or temporary disabilities.

In addition, the Meals on Wheels delivery also provides a reassuring “check-in” to those who live alone. Any unanswered delivery is reported and investigated. Changes in a client’s health or needs are followed up on by Meals on Wheels staff. If appropriate, referrals to family, physician, or community service organizations are made.