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Meals on Wheels, for the Lynchburg, Virginia area, is designed to assist the homebound community by providing them with a balanced, nutritious, hot meal (lunch) five days each week. Each meal is heart-healthy and diabetes-friendly: special meals are prepared to meet dietary restrictions. For those who qualify, we also offer:
– Supper Service
– Saturday meals
– Nutritional Supplements

The program is for those persons who cannot cook for themselves, have no one to provide appropriate nutritional support. Any adult, regardless of age or income, may request our service for temporary, short-term or extended periods.  If someone knows they will be scheduled for surgery and needing assistance afterwards, we can set up service in advance.

The cost for meals is $5.45 per day, but we also utilize a sliding scale. Currently 76% of the people we serve pay nothing at all. 8% are able to pay full price, and 16% use the sliding scale, paying what they can afford to help offset the cost of the meal.

Meals are delivered mid-day, Monday through Friday including most holidays. Volunteers deliver the meals in their own cars at their own expense, which helps keep the cost of meals low. Meals on Wheels serves people who live in the city of Lynchburg and the surrounding areas of Madison Heights, Amherst County, Campbell County, and Bedford County. We will be happy to refer you to another agency if you are outside of our service area.

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If you would like to begin receiving meals, either:

Complete and submit the form below and we will follow-up with a phone call to schedule a home visit,


Call the office at 434/847-0796 and we will take the information over the phone and schedule a home visit.

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Dietary needs. Every meal is heart- and diabetes-friendly (low salt/reduced fat). Do you have other dietary needs that need to be addressed (renal, vegetarian, diverticulitis, minced, allergy, etc.)?

Free or reduced rate? Meals cost $5.45 per day, but a sliding scale is available. Are you interested in applying for a free or reduced rate?

If you are interested in applying for the reduced rate, during the home visit you will be asked to provide proof of the following:

  • Income: Social Security, SSI, VA, Private Pension, Paycheck, Food Stamps, etc.
  • Expenses: Rent or Mortgage, Electricity, Taxes, Gas or Oil, Water, Phone, Cell, Cable, Insurance, Out of pocket medical expenses, Transportation, etc.
The fee scale is based on remaining income after expenses. No one who meets our criteria for service will be denied a meal due to lack of financial resources.

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