Food-based Programs

Meals on Wheels has five food-based programs that provide meals to members of the Lynchburg homebound community.

Lunch Program

Five days a week and on most holidays, lunches are delivered by volunteers in their own vehicles and at their own expense. This is our core program that every recipient receives.

What is Served?

Our hot lunch is prepared fresh daily, never frozen, and consists of meat, vegetable, salad or fruit, bread, milk or juice, and dessert. All menus are reviewed by a registered dietitian. Each meal is heart healthy and diabetic friendly, and special dietary needs are met when possible.

Supper Service

Our most needy meals recipients are given a supper along with their lunch, for their evening meal.

Saturday Meals

Saturday Meals are delivered to those on the most restrictive diets (i.e. renal diets) helping them to maintain good health.

Nutritional supplements

Nutritional supplements (Ensure or similar products) are provided to individuals at the request of their physicians.

Is there a fee?

Yes; however we charge on a sliding scale and fees are based on the recipient’s ability to pay.