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Marvin Peele, since 1924marvin-peele-01

They are called ‘the Greatest Generation’ because they fought in WWII. But we know they are the greatest generation for many more reasons. They are strong, loving, and invincible. They seem to be tireless. They never complain. Somehow they always figure out how to get the job done. They are completely selfless.

At age 93, Marvin Peele is Route Coordinator for one of the teams of drivers who deliver Meals on Wheels from First Baptist Church, Monroe. He was proud to share that First Baptist has two teams (some groups have a hard time getting one team of drivers to volunteer!). Mr. Peele couldn’t recall exactly how long he had been volunteering for Meals on Wheels – ‘a pretty long time …’ was the best he could recollect. But he knows all


about the friends on his route, how it grew and grew, until just recently when we were able to add another Madison Heights route, and now this is a nice, manageable size again.

Marvin Peele fought in the Pacific in WWII. Raised in South Carolina, not far from Myrtle Beach, his school district was one of the first to require 12th grade English to graduate, so Marvin enrolled in summer school to finish that requirement. Those few extra months made the difference for him not being available to send to Europe for the D-day invasion.

Mr. Peele has been married to his sweet wife, Mattie for  for 67 years.

‘That wedding day, June 11th, was a hot one in Washington, DC!’ he remembers. Mattie is from Monroe, and they ultimately settled here.

Mr. Peele has a storehouse of wonderful life stories. He shares them with ease and with humility. And then, with a quick grin, he says, ‘It’s been nice talking with you, but these folks are waiting for their lunch. I have to go!’  The greatest generation, indeed.